Be OK With Andy Warhol

For all lovers of art Bohemia Apartments has prepared an invitation to Andy Warhol’s exhibition, which is taking place right now in the very centre of Prague, on the Old Town Square.


Surely there’s no need for lengthy introductions of the artist Andy Warhol. This leading persona of the American pop-art movement is best known as a painter, graphic artist and film maker. He started off his career as an illustrator of promotional items, became famous as a painter and director of avant-garde films, and became manager of the group Velvet Underground.

Andy Warhol

The first display in the newly reconstructed venue of the house U Bílého jednorožce (The White Unicorn) is the exposition “I’m OK”, open since June, mapping the most important moments in Warhol’s art. The selection art ranges from the classic pieces like Mao, Flowers, Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soup of the Sunday B. Morning edition, all the way to the gorgeous, hand-coloured Flowers.

Exhibition visitors have the opportunity to see the unique collection of LP covers from the years 1949-1987, which Andy Warhol himself designed and Paul Maréchal published as a book in 2008. The exhibition is not just about the paintings – it aims to show Warhol’s art in all its beauty. Additionally, there’s the attraction in the form of a screen printing workshop a’la Factory, where visitors can try out for themselves the technology which Warhol used in the production of his art.


Gallery of Art Prague, which displays Warhol’s artwork, offers other very interesting collections. The collected works of the renowned Czech photographer Jan Saudek are definitely worth a visit, as are the private collections of Salvador Dalí and Alfons Mucha. In short, there’s plenty to look at.

Gallery of Art Prague is very close to our Charles Bridge apartments, which provide a great staring point for all  of your strolls around the Old Town and the shortest trip to the art of Andy Warhol and other famous artists. The Old Town Square and its famous astronomical clock will only take a little while to see, and the gallery will be a pleasant addition to your trip. Don’t hesitate, Andy Warhol will be here for you to see until December.

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