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Most people think that beginning of autumn is the worst possible time for a holiday. You know this all too well – the days get shorter, the evenings are filled with homework, your co-workers are still out of it since the summer holidays, and so you have to work twice as hard. However, according to psychologists, it is exactly this time of year that is the best for a holiday, and we completely agree with them!

Having a good rest is important in all seasons, and Prague is an ideal trip destination in this time of year. The temperature has dropped a notch and so it’s perfectly safe for us to take a hike up to Petřín, go for a long walk through Lesser Town and all the way up to Prague Castle, or just wander around Old Town. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about extremely rainy or freezing cold days.

Because we know what a great experience an autumn holiday can be, all of our apartments in Prague are (as always) in perfect condition and awaiting your arrival. What’s more, these apartments are in the very centre of Prague, with the most attractive sights and landmarks waiting literally outside your door. And which of our apartments will suit you best?

Gold Classic De Luxe

It depends on how many people come with you to Prague. If you’re coming to enjoy holiday with a larger number of friends, we can recommend one of our largest apartments, the Gold Classic De Luxe. It can fit 6 to 12 persons, so it’s perfect for a large group of friends or a big family. It is decorated in an elegant northern style and fully furnished, as are all of our apartments. Its biggest asset are the wooden loft rafters which make it very cosy indeed. We’ll bet you that at the end of your stay you won’t want to leave the place!

If you’d prefer someplace smaller, you can choose from a whole array of apartments which can be found either in Vodičkova Street, Vladislavova Street or Smetanovo nábřeží (Smetana’s embankment). From our apartments in Vodičkova Street it’s only a few steps to the Wenceslas Square with Prague’s typical landmark, the statue of St Wenceslas. Apartments in Vladislavova Street are just a couple of metres away from Národní třída, a renowned shopping centre. Národní třída is also a very interesting location historically; among other things it was here that the Velvet Revolution of 1989 took place. And our apartments on Smetana’s embankment will be most appreciated by those who enjoy savouring the view of Lesser Town and Prague Castle panorama. Additionally, close to this apartments you have one of the world’s most famous bridges, Charles Bridge, which was built for Charles IV and the mortar with which it was made allegedly contained eggs, so that it would hold.

Charles Bridge 5

We’re sure that from our selection you’ll be able to pick an apartment just right for you. And in case you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to help you choose. It’s important to have a holiday not only in the summer, but when you need it!

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