Above Night Prague

If you have ever been to Prague, you have definetely visited Charles Bridge – that is a must! Have you ever seen it from above though? And I do not mean from above as in from far away but have you ever been directly above it? If not, here we have a little tip for you where to go for a little trip you might be interested in.

Prague has many surnames and one of them is “the city of one hundred towers.” I will not tell you if there is really one hundred of them, but I will show you a few pictures from one of these many towers we have in Prague – the Lesser Town Bridge Tower – which you can actually see from our residence Bohemia Apartments Prague Old Town. There are actually two towers on this river bank – the lower one called Juditina (Judit’s) Tower and the higher one. The lower one has approximately 30 metres and “Juditina” is because it used to be a part of Juditin Bridge which used to stand here instead of today’s Charles Bridge. It was built in a gothic style but then later on it was rebuilt in a reinassance way.

Vstup na věž

The higher tower measures 43,5 metres and it is the youngest part of the Charles Bridge. It was built in 1464 during the rule of king Jiří z Poděbrad, therefore 62 years after Charles Bridge was finished. Its form follows the style of conception of Parléř’s (one of the most famous architects of Czech history) Old Town Bridge Tower on the other side and it is an important historical monument of Prague’s after-Hussite Gothic. Both towers used to protect the gate, which served as an entrance to the bridge.

Malostranské mostecké věže

Malostranské mostecké věže

I decided to set out to the tower in the evening, as night Prague is beautiful and especially from above like this. Unfortunately, inside of the tower is pretty much not interesting at all. It’s very strict and plain and apart from wooden stairs and a few windows there is not very much to see. However, when you rise up the steep stairs, a beautiful view to all of Prague’s directions will come up to you. I guess you can not see Charles Bridge like this from anywhere else, right? And did you know that it is actually slightly curved at the end? Apart from little signs with names of places you can see from here you won’t be able to read much (actually none) information here. Nevertheless, there is a nice guide who will tell you many fun facts and interesting things connected to this place. And in case you want to know something more about the other towers of Prague, feel free to ask her – she knows much about them! If you want to spend a while here, take a hat with you; it gets quite windy here.

Výhled z věže

Karlův most shora

výhled na hrad

Unfortunately, the evening is not the most suitable time to take pictures here – because of the reflectors shining bright from underneath the tower. However, if you’re here more for the view than the pictures, it should not be that big of a deal. So, if you have not been here yet, you should go. The entrance fee is more than cheap and it is definetely worth it – whether you come here at night or during the day when it might be sunny.

Výhled na chrám Sv. Mikuláše

Výhled na chrám Sv. Mikuláše

pictures by Tereza Hanzlíková, Bohemia Apartments

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