A Fame Of Alfons Mucha

Today Bohemia Apartments Prague want to introduce a versatile, extremely talented painter, graphic artist and photographer Alfons Mucha (1860-1939). Although not born in Prague he lived there a big part of his life and there are many places associated with his name.

Alfons Mucha became major artist of European culture in the 19th and 20 century. His Art Nouveau works laid the foundation for modern art. Because he originally did not get to study at the Art Academy in Prague, he went to get acquainted with the art in Vienna, Munich and then to Paris where he immediately became famous with posters of distinctive style with emphasis placed on the decorative line in the drawing.

Alfons Mucha

Alfons Mucha had such success that poster collectors bribed poster stickers so they left the posters for them or they cut the posters from the billboard cabinets in the night. Before he returned permanently to Prague in 1910 he managed to visit Austria, Italy, France, Russia, Yugoslavia, and also became famous in America.

Just a  few artist is really so versatile as Alfons Mucha. Where to start? You already know he was an excellent graphic designer of applied art. But do you know that outside the world of famous posters he also formed a vignette on the bottles, chocolates, biscuits, cigarettes or calendars? For the independent Czechoslovakia he proposed a stamp motif with Prague Castle and even banknotes.

And we continue our list – he dealt with proposals for glass, furniture and jewelry, he is the author of the decoration of the Hall in the Municipal House in Prague or he stained glass windows in St. Vitus Cathedral. In addition Alfons Mucha illustrated books and magazines, he was a photographer and sculptor.


The Municipal House

The Municipal House

His greatest work is the Slavic Epic. It shows the myths and legends of the Slavic people and the author worked on it for 18 years. The whole Epic is composed of twenty canvases, each measuring 610 x 810 cm. In 1928 Mucha devoted these paintings to Prague but under the condition they remain in a dignified place. Because the conditions were not met the paintings were exhibited in the castle in the Moravian Krumlov. After years of conjecture between Krumlov and Prague the paintings have been returned to Prague. Unfortunately, still remain curled and still waiting for the exhibition.


You, lovers and admirers of Mucha’s work, we can recommend a visit to the Museum of Alfons Mucha in Panska Street in Prague o buy a new calendar for 2012 with its most famous posters. Now it only remains to book accommodation in Prague. Bohemia Apartments Prague provide luxury apartment rentals and love to take care of your one hundred percent comfort.

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