9 Reasons Why To Rent A Vacation Apartment Rather Than A Hotel

These are the 9 ultimate reasons to go for a vacation rental next time you travel to different city. However, there are much more advantages. Our Apartments in the centre of Prague speak for themselves.

Living room - Grand Classic Apartment

1) Size of the rooms
Apartments are made for living, not for spending nights.

Prices of apartments are either the same or lower than hotel prices. The difference becomes really interesting when    you count the cost per person per night.

3) Privacy
Everyone can get their own room in apartment. Plus you won’t hear what is happening in  the room next to you as happens in hotels and neither will your neighbours hear what is happening in your apartment.

4) Equipment 
Apartments have fully equiped kitchens with all appliances including dishwashers and washing machines and irons with ironing boards, hair dryers etc…

5) Living as a local
In rental apartments, you will usually live right next to local residents who might give you a secret tip or two.

6) Enjoying time with your loved ones
Given the big living space provided by most apartments, you can enjoy time with your friends or family relaxing at the apartment after a long day’s exploring.

7) Food
With fully equiped kitchen, you can cook your own food just the way you like,make use of all the beautiful ingredients you find on local markets and save a lot of money.  Plus a breakfast in bed sounds nice.

8) Personal service
Apartment providers will have a chat with you during a check-in and advise you on where to go and what to see.

9) Feeling like at home
Apartments do look like actual homes. They are your home away from home!

Opt for location temporaire montreal for your business trips and vacations and feel the comfort of home even away from home.


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