Dance! 9 Alternative Places To Move Your Hips In Prague

Do you have a taste for dance music and feeling like moving your hips a bit while staying in Prague? It is usually easy to find the most known and popular dance clubs in the city centre. But what if you feel more like switching the style? Do you like latino, ballroom or underground scene? For those of you who are more fond of classical or alternative styles of dance music, there are definitely chances for you to enjoy your night in Prague! No matter your age or level, see our 9 tips where to go dancing in Prague!

1) La Bodeguita Del Medio Music Bar & Restaurant
Kaprova 5, Prague 1

If you like latino rhythms, La Bodeguita Del Medio Music Bar & Restaurant is a perfect option in case you are staying in the centre of Prague. Well established restaurant and club has a basement room with a dance floor, where you can enjoy everything in proper latino style – from live music to skillful dancers and delicious cocktails. The club is open every day, and is located right next to the Old Town Square, very close to our Charles Bridge Apartments!

2) La Macumba Latino Music Club
Štefánikova 230/7, Prague 5

La Macumba is located on the other side of the river, right next to Anděl metro station. It is open every day except of Sundays, and you can choose from various latino styles and DJs. The entrance fee is usually very low or even free. In La Macumba, you can usually expect a little calmer atmosphere than in La Bottega, and more locals will be probably moving on the dance floor.La Macumba latino club

3) Romantic Salsa & Zouk Sundays in Grebovka
Park Grebovka (Havlíčkovy Sady), Vinohrady, Prague 2

During the summer, it would be a pity not to enjoy some dance moves outside. In park Grebovka, you can do this few times a week. Especially if you are advanced dancer of salsa or zouk, you will enjoy the evenings under the sun. Check FB page „Romantic Salsa & Zouk Sundays in Grebovka, Prague“ for the nearest date and show your dancing skills!

4) Tea Dances at Tančírna Plamínek
Palác Dunaj, Národní 138/10, Prague 1

Waltz, slowfoxtrot, tango, quickstep, samba, cha-cha, rumba, jive? Are these styles what makes your blood flowing faster? Make yourself a nice time in Plamínek. This dance school organizes Tea Dances evenings, which are happening on Fridays and Saturdays thorough all year, and additionally on Tuesdays during the summer! Dancers on all levels are welcome; from beginners to advanced. Palace Dunaj is located right in the city centre, very close to our apartments in Vladislavova.

5) Tančírna Vavruška
Palace Charitas, Karlovo nám. 317/5, Prague 2

Similar dance event as above, taking place every Saturday, and additionally on Wednesdays during the summer. The event takes place in Palace Charitas at the Charles Square. Wear an appropriate dress (casual but suitable according to ballroom dance) and clean, dancing shoes. Then enjoy your evening!

6) Prague Electro Swing

Prague Electro Swing is a movement that brings news about electro swing, and informes about events in Prague. They let you know about the party list that are usually happening in well know local cultural music venues, such as Cross Club or Palace Akropolis. Stay tuned on they FB page and feel free to enjoy your night!

7) Vlkova 26
Vlkova 26, Prague 3

This place is located in Žižkov and offers nights mostly playing house, tech-house or minimal. Usually you will meet locals here. The place has cozy club atmosphere. Definitely it is not a place for tourist crowds. If you are into the scene, there you go! In Vlkova, you can enjoy a chill evening with a drink and some background music, or stay longer and dance through the night.

8) Cross Club
Plynární 1096/23, Prague 7

Cross Club is already a well established place, that, however, started out in xxxx as a very small underground club. Nowadays, it is a cultural centre with very underground looks. Apart from summer cinema, workshops, lectures and music concerts, of course you will find lots of dance music here. The genre is mostly drum-n-bass, techno and tech house, but sometimes you will find another styles as well. Cross Club hosts, for example, also Prague Electro Swing nights mentioned above.

Garden of Cross Club in Prague

9) Lucerna Music Bar
Vodičkova 704/36, Prague 1

We will end this list with the well known Lucerna Music Bar. If you search for night clubs in Prague, you will probably find it amongst the most popular places. However, apart from various concerts of local and foreign artists, they make regular 80’s and 90’s pop parties. So, if this is something that boosts your happiness hormones, do not hesitate and go! It is located right on Wenceslas square, also very close to Bohemia Apartments.

Lucerna Music Bar in Prague

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