7 Team Building Activities You Can Do In Prague

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The term “team building” may have become a bit of a buzzword in recent years; but the fact remains that team building activities are still a valuable use of time in the corporate world. The activities themselves are often unimportant, with the emphasis actually being placed upon improving communication, cooperation, and problem-solving between team members.

Regardless of the activity, simply getting away from the office and spending time doing something different with your colleagues can help to break down barriers, forge new friendships, and enable the development of new skills.

If you’re keen to strengthen the communication and further develop the roles within your team, a weekend away can help you to achieve this. The city of Prague has a great deal to offer for those seeking a unique team building experience, and staying in a Prague apartment rather than a hotel adds a further dimension to your team building efforts. We are located in the centre of Prague, easy walking distance from plenty of amenities and tourist attractions. We offer a personalised service for our guests, including taxi pick-up, and we are able to offer advice and information about Prague to help enhance your trip.

Grand Classic

Our apartments are simply made for team buildings. This is our Grand Classic Apartment.

Here are seven great team building ideas that you can do during your stay in Prague:


Team Building in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city with lots to see, but if you’re only here for a short time and your main goal is team building, you may not get chance to fully appreciate what the city has to offer. The best way to combine sightseeing with team building activities is to set up a scavenger hunt! Split the team down into smaller groups, arm them with a city street map or a tablet and a list of landmarks to photograph, and offer a prize to the first group to reach the final landmark/destination on the list. Not only will the teams have to work together, they’ll also get lots of photos of their experiences which can be displayed back at the office as a long-term reminder of the weekend.


Prague apartment kitchen

Our kitchens simply call for group cooking!

Bohemia Apartments can accommodate up to 12 guests in one apartment, and all the apartments include a fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to create your own meals. This provides the perfect opportunity to prepare a meal with your team, working together to plan the courses, shop for the ingredients, cook the food, serve it up, and clear away afterwards. It’s a great team building activity as it involves people taking on different roles and communicating well together to ensure that the right ingredients are purchased and each aspect of the meal is prepared and cooked at the right time.


Another benefit to staying at Bohemia Apartments is that you can enjoy a games night with your team mates without leaving your accommodation. Simply bring along a couple of board games and gather everyone in the communal living area for an evening of fun. Board games encourage people to cooperate and work together; they break down barriers and allow people to engage with one another and improve their social skills. Many board games also involve problem-solving aspects too, which can help employers to identify which particular skills their employees possess.


Prague’s Mind Mazes are a fun team building exercise that involves problem solving, communication, collaboration, and time management. Upon entering the Mind Maze, teams will find themselves locked inside the Alchemist’s chamber and must solve a series of puzzles and riddles within one hour in order to escape from the room. With the 60 minute deadline and the various puzzles to be solved, team members will have to work together to solve the clues in a timely manner. Communication, delegation, and cooperation are the keys to escaping the Mind Maze as a well-bonded team.


Most companies hold these regularly, encouraging employees to come up with new ideas for products, services, or ways of working. However, when your brainstorming sessions are always held in the same stuffy boardroom, creativity can become stagnant and stifled. A change of scenery can stimulate creativity and lead to new ideas being generated; and what greater change of scenery than holding a brainstorming session at your holiday apartment in Prague! You could even try visiting a local pub or tourist attraction to further inspire your team into coming up with new ideas.


Team Building Prague

Working 9-5 in an office-based setting doesn’t typically leave much room for being active, especially if you drive to and from the office each day. Physical activity gets the circulation flowing and boosts the production of endorphins, leading to improved mood, reduced stress, and better concentration, among other things. Getting active and enjoying a sport or activity as a group also creates a great bonding experience for team members too. Whether you opt to tour the city by cycle or segway, engage in some clay pigeon shooting, play five-a-side football, or go paintballing, there are a wide number of sports and activities to be found in Prague.


A murder mystery event is a fun and interesting way to get your team interacting. Each participant is given a character profile and assigned tasks that they must accomplish during the evening, with the ultimate goal of finding out who the murderer is. Participants must get into character and act out a role, interacting with one another, asking questions, and making observations in order to determine who the suspect is. It provides a good opportunity for team members to express their creativity and improve their interpersonal communication skills.

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