7 Reasons To Book Apartment Rental For Your Family Vacation

Charles Bridge 2 Prague apartment

Apartment rentals are simply the perfect choice for families. Viewing apartments in Prague and renting one for your family will not just ensure that you never feel homesick, but will also provide you with the privacy which hotels don’t. You can show Prague to your children with all its beauties, soak up the atmosphere of city center and enjoy some family time together. We understand that you need a place which suits the specific needs of your family. These are the 7 reasons why are apartment rentals the best choice for family vacations.


Unlike hotels, apartments are prepared and suited for bigger groups of people. From fully equipped kitchen to entertainment for children, you will find here most of the general equipment which you use at home. The big advantage of rental apartments for families are washing machines. Having the ability to use washing machine, you can pack less clothes and therefore spare lots of luggage space for necessities like favorite dolls. Apartments usually offer other equipment such as children’s bed, chair and DVD. Just to get an idea, you can have a look on the list of equipment in our apartments.


As we mentioned earlier, apartments will provide you with fully equipped kitchen. This means cooking whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want. Number one advantage of cooking in the apartment is the big amount of money saved. There are other pros to this though. No hurrying for breakfast at certain hour or making it to dinner at time as it is in hotels. We all know children can be fussy. By cooking your own food, you will make sure your children will actually eat what they need. Not to mention the struggles in hotel restaurants with all kinds of allergies and diets. Plus who wouldn’t like family meal with this view over Prague?

Charles Bridge 5 Prague apartment - Sunset View View from our Charles Bridge Apartment
Living room - Grand Classic ApartmentOne of our Bohemia Apartments in the city center of Prague


Not many people know that in the city center, apartment rentals are often a cheaper option to hotels. The price of apartment rental is shared between more people and then the price per person significantly lowers. Add the saved costs on food and other costs and you will see how much money you can save (for shopping maybe?).


Children simply need space to run around a little bit. Apartment rentals provide the space as they are actual flats with a living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. It is completely up to you how many rooms you want to have in your apartment. The space allows you to keep the apartment tidy and prevent the big hunts for lost this and that.

Attic ApartmentSpacious Gold Classic De Luxe Apartment


Your apartment is your home away from home. Children can play in the apartment like they do at home. If they feel like sleeping, they can sleep in the bedroom while you rest in the living room. Your activities are mostly determined by your children, right? It is absolutely up to you what you will do in your apartment (while respecting the house rules). Do you want to have casual dinner at the sofa? Enjoy! Do you feel like singing songs with your children? No worries about annoying the guests next door. You can often take your pets with you to your apartment.


Absolute privacy is what you will get in apartment rental. No disturbing room service or guests who you can hear through the walls. There is no hotel lobby or reception which you would have to pass in order to get to your room. All is nice and peaceful.

Charles Bridge 2 Prague apartment


You can try what it’s like to live in the center of a big city. You live right next to locals in the apartments and you will become a part of the community for a little while. You and your children will take one big souvenir back home – the souvenir of authentic experience.

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