7 Questions For Our Apartment Designer

Today we at Bohemia Apartments have for you a very special interview with our designer Klára Šumová. She’s got a large share about how our Prague apartments look. Klára Šumová is one of the leading Czech designers. She likes to work with wood, her works are characterized by clarity, wit and ease. Her solitairs are annually seen at the Czech Designblok.

Klara Sumova      Klara working at the apartments in Vladislavova Street   

How long have you been working in design?

You can say that I started when I was still studying. So it’s been about 12 years now.

How did your collaboration with Bohemia Apartments begin and how long has it been going on?

Quite a long time, we’ve been gradually working on furnishing the apartments in Prague centre since August 2013.

What exactly does your job entail?

In the case of this particular project it’s revitalization of furniture. I usually work with product design and authorial work.

Apartment in Vladislavova Street designed by Klara Sumova

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I usually let my senses take the lead, but business trips abroad have also been very important for me – Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada.

Do you choose a similar style for every aparment, or does each apartment look different (and if so, what factor determines the choice of style for the apartment)?

Every apartment in Vladislavova street has a different layout and built-in furnishings, which determines the mood and the choice of furniture. However, all the apartments are furnished in a similar style, they differ only in details, sometimes in the furniture.

Which piece of furniture do you personally consider to be the nicest?

I don’t know whether it’s furniture, but I really like the Ironica chairs from the Czech company TON, which are in apartment Vladislav Exclusive No.5 and Vladislav Exclusive No.1. I think that the most beautiful atmosphere is created by the graphic arts from the illustrators Michal Bačák and Dirk Wright.

Tell us something about changes which are now being planned (or already have been planned) for the apartments in Vladislavova Street.

They are small but very essential changes. It’s the replacement of light fittings, the addition of carpets, replacement of chairs and tables in all the apartments, the purchase of new bar stools, new bed linen and we also plan on manufacturing custom-made furniture for the bedrooms and living rooms – specifically night tables, coffee tables, shelves and TV tables.

Chairs Ironica in the Apartment in Vladislavova Street

Grafic arts from Dirc Wright

Grafic arts from Michal Bačák

Design apartment in Vladislavova Street

Design apartment in Vladislavova Street

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