7 Most Bizarre Experiences With Our Guests: Part 2

Here is the second article about our experience with guests from the past couple of years. The first part you can read here: 7 Most Bizarre Experiences With Our Guests: Part 1.


One client and two reservations – a nasty surprise upon arrival…. two arrivals at two apartments on one day (separate reservations)

  • When they arrived, it emerged that two people in the same party had made two separate reservations.

  • In accordance with the cancellation policy, we asked them both to pay (obviously an unpleasant surprise for the client).

  • Lesson learned: the clients should talk to each other (not something we can influence), and we should monitor a reservation that looks like a double booking (such incidents have occurred and we have averted other situations).


At 2.30 a.m., a drunk guest phones us and asks, “Please could you tell me where my apartment is?”

  • This has happened on more than occasion, unfortunatelly. Nothing more to say….

Řeznická apartment

Řeznická apartment

Pay in cash or by card?

  • The guests started to pay by card, then changed their minds, asked us to cancel the transaction and pay in cash.

  • After a month the payment bounced, and the client refused to believe that the problem wasn’t on our part.

  • Outcome: this shouldn’t happen if the clients don’t change their minds (the next time we won’t accept a change of plan).

A damaged apartment and fake money

    • Three Britons stayed in an apartment.


  • One was very deft when handing over the cash and after payment, saying he had to leave. Some of the banknotes were fakes.
  • They left behind a wrecked apartment (soaked mattress, marks on the walls and ceiling, blocked sink and torn blinds).

  • We deducted a sum from the client’s credit card (used as a guarantee when confirming reservation) to make up for the amount paid in false banknotes and to rectify the damage. The false banknotes were handed over to the police with all guest details.

  • Lesson learned: we always request FIfth Third credit card and sign an accommodation contract (and train staff in how to recognise false banknotes).

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