7 Most Bizarre Experiences With Our Guests: Part 1

Would you like to know something about our work? Maybe you might like to read about the seven strangest experiences we’ve had with guests since 2005 at Bohemia Apartments. You may have had to deal with similar incidents yourselves (if you rent your apartment) or maybe you’ve heard about them.

Some stories will make you smile, while others will have you wondering whether such bizarre incidents really did happen. Feel free to share your own experiences, as we’d love to hear them. By doing so you also make an important contribution to the discussion on deal with any problem that arises.

Bohemia Apartments Harrachovsky Palace

Theft while guests were present in the accommodation

A stag party of 16 men (average age 25) stayed in four apartments. They were drinking heavily.

They were seen walking around the squares of Prague in flippers and swimming goggles.

The men signed an accommodation contract, in which, among other things, they agreed not to make a noise at night. They also agreed that receiving visitors at the apartments would be at their own risk.

During (most likely) the evening, they brought back prostitutes to the apartment. The men were robbed of their passports, money, watch, etc. They denied that they had brought home prostitutes, but the other residents of the building confirmed that young women were present in the building.

They called at 5.00 a.m., informing us that they had been robbed. They were so drunk that they left the door open while they slept. The cleaning lady found that the door was open.

The girlfriend of one of the men called after they had left. She said that a watch that as lost was a gift from her (and cost around GBP 500) and that one of our staff members had stolen it. She refused to believe that he was with another woman.

Lesson learned: we always sign an accommodation agreement and draw the client’s attention to all accommodation issues (e.g. visits from prostitutes).

Heart attack

A married couple with a small child arrived at the Grand Classic De Luxe apartment. The man, who was older, suffered a heart attack immediately after arrival. Our Guest Relation Manager arranging the apartment handover stayed calm and called the emergency services, which took the man to hospital.

Bohemia Apartments put the couple in touch with the hospital. Outcome: we trained our staff in how to deal with such situations.

Clients did not pay

A British family made a reservation through an agency. It was covered by a payment card, and the clients contacted us several times before they arrived.

They arrived late in the evening (at midnight – we agreed to left the keys for the guests with the caretaker) and checked out early – the clients did not pay and never responded to our phone calls or emails. Nor did the agency provide us with their contact details.

Lesson learned: we always check payments beforehand in such circumstances.

If guests have some problems with getting into the apartment, they are offered help from a locksmith with key replacement.

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