7 Czech Summer Music Festivals You Can´t Miss

Czech festival scene is taking off with the temperatures rising up. During the summer, festivals take place all over Czech republic. Both Czechs and foreigners gather to enjoy great atmosphere of our music festivals. The summer open-air festival offer is truly diverse. Therefore you can choose to enjoy all kinds of music styles on the festivals from metal to reggae. We are bringing you overview of the most popular Czech summer festivals so you can choose the one which will get you moving.

Rock for People

1) Rock for People

The name Rock for People is slightly misleading. You will not definitely hear only rock music on this international multigenre festival. The styles you shall find on the line-up will traditionally be rock, punk, metal, drum’n’bass, dubstep, reggae and swing, but do not be surprised when you come across styles such as ethno bass. Rock for People annually brings  both musical legends and new discoveries in the music industry. Rock for People visitors have already had the chance to see live big names such as Faith No More, The Prodigy, Thirty Seconds To Mars and Muse. In 2012, Rock for People witnessed the very first (and so far last) performance of dubstep king called Skrillex. Rock for People festival traditionally takes place in Hradec Králové in the beginning of July. This year, all RfP (as the festival is often shortened) lovers can enjoy two editions of festival. The first edition was already held in the beginning of June in Hradec Králové and the second edition is going to take place from 3rd to 5th July in Plzeň. The organisators want to follow Plzeň´s title “European capital of culture 2015” and want to introduce at least one interpret from all 28 countries of EU.

Colours of Ostrava

2) Colours of Ostrava

Colours of Ostrava is international multigenre open-air music festival which annually takes place in Ostrava in Dolní Vítkovice. The festival has been held in a venue of an ancient mine and ironworks since 2012. Colours of Ostrava definitely stands for its name because the range of music offered is really colorful. It brings quality names from the music styles of jazz, rock, pop and alternative music. Many music stars have played on Colours of Ostrava. For example Robert Plant, Alanis Morissette and Cranberries. The festival prides itself for a rich accompanying programme – you can see different theatre societies, participate in workshops or discussions, watch films etc. This year, you can enjoy Colours of Ostrava from 16th to 19th July.

3) Czech Castles & Moravian Castles Festival (České Hrady a Moravské Hrady)

Czech Castles is a music festival which must not be missing on your summer festival list. It is a series of festivals held on Czech and Moravian castles which, as you can imagine, brings unique experience to the visitors. We assure you that the fairy atmosphere of this festival will be different than any you have ever experienced on other festivals. Czech Castles traditionally offer range of the most popular Czech interprets. The history lovers will enjoy the festival twice as much because the tours of castles are included in the price of the ticket. This year, you can enjoy this rather interesting festival on Czech castles called Točník, Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Kunětická hora, Švihov and Bezděz. Alongside the Czech Castles festival, the Moravian Castles festival is running on castles in Moravia called Veveří, Bouzov and Hradec nad Moravicí. You can enjoy the mediaval vibe of this festival during July and August.

4) Masters of Rock

Rock and metal lovers allert! Masters of Rock is the biggest international rock music festival in the Czech republic. As you can figure out from the name of the festival, it is mainly rock and metal bands playing on the festival. Masters of Rock is annually held in Vizovice near Zlín and it brings both international legends and Czech interprets. This year the festival takes place from 9th to 12th July and you can look forward to Nightwish, Within the temptation, Black Label Society and popular Czech metal band Arakain.

5) Mighty Sounds

Mighty Sounds complete the Czech festival scene with music styles such as punk, ska, hardcore, reggae, rock’n’roll and other related styles. You can go and enjoy the festival on  Čapův dvůr airport near town Tábor. There is usually 6 stages on Mighty Sounds where you can see foreign musicians, Czech musicians and young fresh bands. The festival also hosts theatre societies and diverse performers. Some of the stages are focused on DJ´s, drum’n’bass, jungle, techno, northern soul, retro pop, metad etc. This year, the Mighty Sounds will be playing from 3rd to 5th July.

6) Dance music and hip hop

More specifically focused summer festivals are Let it Roll, Mácháč and Hip Hop Kemp. Let it Roll on airport in Milovice is a festival focused on electro music, especially drum’n’bass and dubstep. This year, it is going to take place from 30th July to 1st August. Mácháč is the biggest Czech beach open-air festival. It focuses on dance music, especially house. It takes place by the Mácha´s lake (Máchovo jezero) and it has witnessed DJs such as Tiësto, Like Mike and Dada Life. This year´s Mácháč will be held from 21st to 22nd August. Hip Hop Kemp is an international hip hop festival which is recognized abroad as well. It takes place annualy in Hradec Králové and this year, you can enjoy some real hip hop from 20th to 23rd August.

7) Festivals in Prague

You can enjoy plenty of music festivals in Prague during the summer. The most famous ones are United Islands, Mezi Ploty and Summer edition of Žižkovská noc. United Islands of Prague is international music multigenre festival which takes place on Prague´s islands and other locations. You can experience the unique city-festival atmosphere on Kampa, Střelecký ostrov, on the embankment and other venues throughout Prague. This year, the festival took place from 18th to 20th June. Mezi Ploty is Czech theatre and music festival which is annually held on the grounds of psychiatric hospital in Bohnice. This year, the festival takes place from 26th to 27th September. Summer edition of Žižkovská noc follows in the footsteps of traditional Žižkovská noc which goes on in the winter. Summer Žižkovská noc aims to take you out from dark corners of Žižkov´s underground clubs, pubs and bars and offers several open-air stages throughout extraordinary city part. You can enjoy the night in Riegerovy sady (popular park), in clubs and on summer gardens of Žižkov´s pubs. This year, the festival takes place on 26th June. We will update you on the offer of Prague summer festivals in our following posts.

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