6 Tips To Keep You Cool During A Hot Day In Prague

Summer has arrived in all its glory and and the forecast for the next few days promises the hottest weather yet. For those of you who aren’t the bigger fans of extreme heat, we’ve prepared several tips to keep you cool on a hot day in Prague.


#1 Have an icecream!

Although Italy is best known for its ice-cream, the Czech Republic isn’t bad either. Famous homemade ice-cream from Ovocny Svetozor will refresh you and delight your tastebuds.

Ovocný Světozor

#2 Try the pedalo!

Thanks to pedalos (pedalboats) you’ll have plenty of fun on the Vltava river, plus you’ll get to enjoy the fantastic view of the Lesser Town. If you feel like it, you can spend the entire afternoon out on the water. And it’s romantic!

pedalboats, Novotného Lávka

#3 To the ZOO!

Well, you can’t exactly swim with the sea lions, but watching their antics in the water is definitely worth the trip!


#4 Keep hydrated!

You can get good quality Czech beer in every Czech restaurant in the town centre. So don’t forget to keep up with your drinking regime and go out for a cold one. Or, better, two. After all, Czech Republic is renowned for this.

#5 Splash around in the water!

In the centre of Prague you’ll find a whole heap of aqua parks and swimming pools and other places for aquatic antics. It’s only up to you to choose one and then you may spend the entire day splashing around in the water and trying out all the different water attractions.

#6 Hide among the flowers!

The Prague Botanical Gardens offer an appealing luscious green shade. Not only will you find here a variety of local and foreign plants, but the gardens offer a great number of activities, for example listening to classical music or lessons in painting and drawing plants.


We at Bohemia Apartments trust that you’ll definitely choose on of these activities and that your visit to Prague will be and unforgettable experience. And don’t forget that you can always hide from the heat in your apartment, that will be waiting for you in the town centre.

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