5 Tourist Traps in Prague You Can Avoid With No Regrets

Prague is magical, vivid, beautiful and historical. On the other hand, there are some hidden tourist traps waiting for you to get cought in. We decided to warn you and show you some of places and activities you don´t need to visit or reserve. Just in case you want to save money, time and energy. Keep on reading and find out where NOT to go according to us.

Karlova Street

There are hundreds of gorgeous little streets you can browse through and fell in love with but Karlova Street is not one of them.  It´s a connection between Malé and Křížovnické Square, it basically connects Old Town Square with Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. It is obviously very busy and that´s one of its lows. It is full of tourist traps. There are shops with Italian bags. Feeling tired and rough? What about Thai Massage? Shops with souvenirs are packed with Russian dolls Matryoshka and American football players.  Why? We don´t know because it´s not very Czech if we may say so.

Charles Bridge


Historical cars and sighseeing buses

If you feel tempted by historical cars and tour buses that offer you to enjoy the magic of Prague from comfort of a seat, please ignore it. It´s not fun, it´s usually pretty expensive and totally not necessary. Historical cars are not even historical, they are new with historical feel but what´s the point? You can easily walk through the city centre. And if you want to travel outside Prague´s centre, use some kind of public transport. Quick, easy to crack and cheap.

historical cars Prague


It smells delicious, costs around 60 CZK and is everywhere around city centre. What is it? Trdelník or Trdlo. Dough is baked on a wooden stick, then covered in sugar, cinnamon, coconut or else. It is being sold as a typical Czech dessert but no no no. It´s not true. To be honest it doesn´t taste bad but it´s not worth 60 CZK and reputation of favourite sweet treat of Czechs.



Tourist traps on four wheels – taxis. Do not take one in city centre. You will most likely be ripped off. Czech taxi drivers are not the ones with the best reputation. They often charge for way more than they should. Solution is simple. Just use public transport or if you prefer taxi-type of transport, use Uber.Visit:http://vinsautogroup.com.sg/vehicle-leasing/ for cheap vehicle lease option.

 TAXI Prague

Looking down at the shops

Sounds weird? Maybe but we mean well. If you find yourselves in the city centre and get annoyed with all the shops and fuzz around, just look up and see perfect architecture hidden above colorful and neony shop windows. There are true pieces of art and you can easily forget to pay attention to them. And that would be a shame.

Prague street

That´s all for now. Do you want to know about more tourist traps? Just let us know.


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