5 Prague Attractions For Your Children To Be Their Hero

It isn’t easy to gain approval with kids. They are sometimes the most demanding audience, and maybe they won’t consider listening to a piano performance on the street or going to the newest National gallery exposition to be worthy of their time and attention. Not even Prague, the beautiful metropolis that it is, will necessarily be in itself appealing to children’s eyes.

We in Bohemia Apartments have, for all the parents who want to become heroes and incredibles in the eyes of their children, a list of the best attractions you could come across in Prague. Your children will be absolutely charmed and we guarantee that you grownups will have fun too!

#1 Cosmos Discovery: Let your little ones become astronauts in summer 2020 

“When I grow up, I wanna be an astronaut.” Does that sound familiar? Well, in summer 2020 there is no need for your children to wait. Bring your loved ones to Prague and start your mission to the space together. Cosmos Discovery exhibition, brought by NASA and Cosmosphere centre, takes place at Prague’s exhibition grounds “Výstaviště” and  will last until August 2020. Not only will you get to see original objects that were once in the space, as well as various models of space ships, you and your little astronauts will be able to try an astronaut training. Now hand on your heart, aren’t you just more excited than your little one? 

And if you find yourself yearning for another journey through cosmos, you can visit Prague’s Planetárium located right by the exhibition grounds in Stromovka park, also featuring many exciting family activities in the outer space. What’s more, you can then reunite with the Earth and it’s greenery, and cool down by the ponds and fountains of Stromovka.

#2 Museum of Senses: For newcomers and curious returners to Prague

You might have crossed the famous Charle’s bridge like 5 times by now, waited for the Astronomical clock show at the Old Town square or lined up to enter the majestic gothic cathedral at the Prague castle. So what now? Are you all tired from the summer heat and perhaps your little ones completely lost interest in the old monuments? Then come inside and experience something very new. Prague brings you successful Museum of Senses as the first city in the world. It is vibrant, it is interactive and it is fun! Optical illusions will boost your curiosity regardless of the age, and once again awake parent’s adventurous soul. And they will inevitably tire your heads out. But don’t worry, you and your family can rest in a luxurious modern apartment literally next door. Our Harrachovsky palace apartments at Jindrisska street is a recently reconstructed, air-conditioned and safe home away from home.

Stay right by the Museum of Senses!

Harrachovsky Palace is a newly reconstructed historical residence just off the Wenceslas Square. Your family will love the modern, spacious, air-conditioned interiors!

#3 Prague ZOO

You’re thinking: “Pish, posh! Isn’t there a zoo in every big city?” That may be true, but the Prague zoo has a couple of surprises up its sleeve that you definitely shouldn’t miss. A more than ten kilometres long walk is best suited for those who want to spend the whole day on the move. You’ll get a taste of adventure on the African desert or savannah trails or in the Indonesian jungle. You can sign your kids up for Zoo School, where they can take part in competitions and find out lots of interesting facts about animals. In addition, your children can become a zookeeper for a day or feed some of the animals.

Prague ZOO
Prague ZOO

Grownup lovers of classical music will appreciate the concerts which are held here from May to June – while your kids are having fun in Zoo School, you can listen to Mozart or Vivaldi in the beautiful natural settings near Gočarov’s houses.

#4 St. Matthew’s Fair

No child should have to miss out on the famous Prague fair, Matějská pouť! Every year it’s the first fair in the Czech Republic and it is traditionally enjoyed by people both young and old. The classic attractions include the merry-go-round and the roller coaster, but more adventurous visitors can try out the Loch Ness Monster, the swinging boats or the centrifuge. Scaredy cats are not advised to visit the Haunted Castle – they should see the House of Laughter instead. And gentlemans, the ladies will definitely appreciate a paper rose from the shooting booth. Especially for children this is a paradise where wishes come true.

St. Matthew's Fair
St. Matthew’s Fair

#5 Wax Museum

You don’t need to go to London to see the wax figures! They’re waiting for you right in the centre of Prague. Every little boy should have a photo with Czech ice hockey legend Jaromír Jágr! And every little girl will admire a beatiful dress of the Czech singer Helena Vondráčková. And maybe their parents will think back to their younger days with the figure of Freddy Mercury from Queen. History lovers will be thrilled by the setting with Franz Joseph I and the Czech literary hero Švejk.

Wax museum

We are sure that out of the attractions offered you’ll find something that your kids will like. Because our Bohemia Apartments are in the centre of Prague, you won’t have far to travel. We’ll be thrilled if your whole family enjoys its visit in Prague to the full!

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