5 Particular Tips, How To Survive Social Distancing

This spring will be challenging for the whole world. It is wonderful to see how many people can function normally in a crisis, and some even help those in need. But not everyone has to play the hero, sew free surgical masks for hospitals or join volunteers at the test centers. Many got sick, lost a job or stayed isolated from friends and family. It is therefore important to help yourself to find your balance and keep mental health. To do that:

  1. Create your own routine. People addicted to diaries, planning calendars, labels, and markers are now in their element, but now it is time for all of us to use their methods. Especially when working from home, systematicity is essential. Try to draw up a table of “10 quarantine development points,” while keeping in mind leisure activities as well.
  1. Self educate yourself! I think we all have some wishlist of skills we have always wanted to learn. The current situation encouraged many organizations to release their online courses for free so we can finally learn a new language, play a musical instrument, take artistic photos or be a better businessman, etc. Countless professional courses are offered by the Ivy League elite private colleges or you can sign up for The Open University and study any field you want. 
  1. Build a Renaissance ideal and, besides education, try to stay physically active even at home. Fortunately, there is nothing easier than to watch and practice one of the thousands of instructional videos. Boho Beautiful channel may guide you with yoga and meditation if you are more into higher pace movements try POPSUGAR Fitness or faster pilates exercises led by popular fitness instructor Cassey Ho on the Blogilates Channel.
  1. Read a real paper book. Generally, people read quite a lot, various work materials, contracts, news, advertising messages, social media posts, tutorials and so on. Those messages affect our emotions somehow and lately, it could be overwhelming. Novels can make a reader experience a different reality, which may be better than the present one. Printed texts, moreover, relieve your eyes of day-long screen viewing. If you are looking for something uplifting, try The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living.
  1. Think ahead. All this will end once, and the whole world will return to the usual habits. Even out of tough times you can come well, for example, create a new positive habit, or prepare for the next year the best travel itinerary ever! And definitely do not forget to plan a stop in our beautiful Prague.


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