5 Most Popular Prague Clubs

Prague isn’t just about old historical buildings and narrow romantic streets. It’s also a city that really lives. Bars, night clubs, parties… if you want to go out with your friends, you have a lot of activities and events to choose from. For all you partygoers out there Bohemia Apartments prepared an article where we introduce Prague’s most stylish and sought-after clubs.

#1 Solidní nejistota

One of the smaller clubs, that boasts a roomy bar and a fair dance floor. You’ll find here all sorts of music and all sorts of company. Solidní nejistota offers good food and drinks, and it’s perfect for an adventurous night out in the centre of the city with your friends.

Solidní jistota

#2 Mecca

One of the most popular dance clubs in the Czech Republic. Apparently it’s mostly thanks to the quality of the line-ups. In the past, it was visited by Bob Sinclair, Roger Sanchez and Pete Heller – basically all the big names in dance music. If you want to have some fun on the dance floor, you can’t go wrong with Mecca. This club is even a member of The World’s Finest Clubs. In short, a first class place.

#3 Double Trouble

How about a mixed cocktail? Go have one in Double Trouble in Melantrich Street! It’s a bar and a club in one with a cosy atmosphere. Cosy, but very unbound. People here dance not only on the dance floor, but also on tables, chairs, and sometimes even on the bar. If you want to have a wild, crazy night, Double Trouble is the place for you.

#4 Rock Café

It used to be a meeting place for starting bands. Now this club on Národní třída is the most sought-after place in Prague, especially by fans of rock concerts. Here you’ll find a pleasant bar, gallery, shop with classic CDs and a cinema. They’ve got a little bit of something for everybody here.

Rock Café

#5 Roxy

Probably the most well-known night club in Prague. Guests in Roxy mostly dance, but also listen to music. That’s because Roxy doesn’t play just any kind of music: it’s more raw than in any other clubs in Prague. Drum’n’Bass, Jungle, Minimal, Techno… You’ll see here lots of Czechs but also a lot of foreigners. Compared to other clubs, Roxy’s biggest advantage is its size. The dance floor is so spacious that you almos can’t see its opposite end.


Did you choose one of the bars? All our apartments are in the centre of Prague, so it won’t be a problem to get in to one of them after the party. ;-)

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