5 Arty Feedbacks From Our Guests That Make Us Super Thrilled

We are aware of the fact that our guests are the best in the world. Now it´s official and documented on a paper. Our guests have started writing notes and short letters for us, quote lovely books and draw to our guest books (“hoopoe books” as we call them). Each of these messages makes us very happy, inspires us and makes us work even harder on providing excellent services. Thank you if you wrote some of these and if you haven’t stayed with us yet, have a look! They may help you to decide where to stay in Prague and what to do once you are here.

1) Any feedback including quote from Little Prince is always greatly appreciated. We love this book as much as we love this message. Thank you for staying with us twice already! We can’t wait to welcome you again.

Note from guest


2) Kochih from Taiwan could move here and make a living by drawing on Charles Bridge aside local painters. Pretty talented guest if we may say so. Thank you and see you soon!

Note from guest


3)   This couple came from Norway and enjoyed the city a lot. Let them inspire you and visit Prague as well.

Note from guest


4)   What a lovely note!. Three days are not enough for Prague though. Be sure to stay in Prague four and more days! This epic metropole offers more than you can manage to see in two days. We live here and still get pretty amazed how much we discover every week.

Note from guest


5)   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s so nice to read these kind words and know you are happy with our services. Hope to see you soon!

Note from guest


What about you, guys? Are you planning to stay in our apartments? If so, please do leave us a note, drawing or any feedback. As you can see, it makes are super-thrilled.

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