3 Parks You Wouldn’t Expect In Prague Centre

There are so many museums, galleries, classy restaurants and cafés as well as wonderful architecture sights. However, if you are tired of the city rush, you can get some rest in carefully hidden parks in the centre of Prague.

Valdštejnská zahrada / Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden was built in Italian early Baroque style and is situated in Little Quarter. It is a part of Wallenstein Palace which serves as the seat of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Sala terrena (garden hall) with antique frescos on the ceiling is one of the most important features of the garden. Three fountains and a pond with an artificial island and the statue of Hercules are also very impressive. Don’t forget to have a look at antique statues by Dutch sculptor Adrian de Vries (Adonis, Venus, Neptune, Apollo…) and wonderful peacocks. The Wallenstein Garden is located right next to the tram and metro station Malostranská (line A) – only one metro station from Charles Bridge Apartments and two stations from apartments in Vladislavova and Vodičkova Street.

Wallenstein Garden

Františkánská zahrada / Franciscan Garden

Franciscan Garden was built in French Baroque style and is situated between Wenceslas and Jungmann Square (Václavské and Jungmannovo náměstí). You can walk in there through passages Alfa and Světozor as well as from Jungmannova Street. The name of the garden is inspired by Franciscans which have looked after the monastery and the garden since 1604. There is a summerhouse and a little herb garden in the middle of the garden. You can walk many paths surrounded by live fences and rose or sit on one of its many benches. There is also a fountain and a small playground. Franciscan Garden is located next to the metro station Můstek (line A, B) and close to our apartments in Vladislavova and Vodičkova Street.

Franciscan Garden

Grébovka / Gröbovka / Havlíčkovy sady

Grébovka is an 11 ha wide English park situated in Prague 2 – Vinohrady. The park and an opulent villa were established by businessman Moritz Gröbe in the end of 19th century. Except the Neo-Renaissance villa (Gröbeho vila), you can find there Pavilon Café, an artificial cave that was built as a symbol of Romaticism, a Neo-Renaissance villa Dolní Landhauska, unique vineyards and Viniční altán (Wine Summerhouse) with a restaurant and wine cellars situated in the house of Horní Landhauska. Grébovka is located ca. 500 m from the tram station Ruská.

Gröbeho vila

Gröbeho vila

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