3 One Day Trips From Prague

There are so many interesting places to explore in Prague but sometimes it could be nice to travel a bit further. What about short one day trips? Let’s see what Bohemia Apartments has chosen for you!

Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn, probably the most famous Czech castle, is located about 30 km southwestern from Prague. It was built in 1348 in Gothic style by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia to protect the crown jewels. The jewels were placed in the most opulent part of the castle – the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is decorated by semiprecious gemstones, gold and the Venetian glass.


Velka Amerika Quarry

Velka Amerika is an abandoned limestone quarry only 10 km from Karlstejn, widely known as Czech Grand Canyon. The quarry is about 80 m deep and there are two connected turquoise lakes on the bottom. However, it is forbidden to walk down to the lakes due to safety reasons. But it is possible to enjoy wonderful sights from the touristic route No. 6161 which leads along the northern part of the quarry.

Velka Amerika Quarry

Spulka Tower

The viewing tower Spulka (Spool) at the top of the Brezak Hill is located about 50 km from Prague. The tower has a very inventive name because it really resembles a spool. Amazing wooden-metalic contruction is about 37 m high and was designed by Czech architect Iveta Torkoniakova. In case of very good weather conditions, the Czech highest mountain Snezka is visible from the tower. Furthermore, in the area around the tower there is an educational route including 21 infoboxes with natural or historical attractions of the region.


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