3 Non Touristy & Hip Spots To Be Right Now

There are two kinds of people who travel: either there are tourists or travellers. Let’s say that tourists are usually the ones who don’t mind crowds, never go off the sightseeing path and stick to the “verified” touristic places. And then there are the travellers, who don’t rush to see all the classic stuff that everyone goes to and they will rather visit those not-that-touristy spots, that will make them feel like they can somewhat merge with local culture. If you feel more like the traveller kind, go ahead and look at following tips for 3 such places in Prague that we have prepared for you. If you are, on the other hand, a tourist, you might as well appreciate to find a calm local spot to take a short break from sightseeing!

Let’s start with Naše Maso. This fairly new spot is located in Dlouhá street, near náměstí Republiky and it belongs under the Ambiente restaurant group: which is a quality guarantee itself. It is actually a butcher shop with a bistro, where you can get the best quality meat products typical for the czech nation: just with a bit of “cool” vibe. Naše maso means literally “Our meat” and it surely is “their” meat – it all comes from very good quality czech cattle farmings. Try their beef tartare, sausages or a traditional czech meatloaf in a typically czech bun. And obviously get a glass of czech beer, which you can tap yourself right from the wall. No kidding!

Náplavka Farmers' Markets Carrot Cake and a Coffee

Náplavka Farmers' Markets Macarons Náplavka Farmers' Markets Tulips

Next spot is not a café, restaurant, nor a bistro. Actually, it is somehow all that combined together, but it only pops up every Saturday at 9 o’clock and disappears at 14 o’clock again. It is farmers’ markets at the riverside of Vltava and if you really want to experience something with a special vibe and a very lively atmosphere, this is the place to be on a sunny Saturday morning. There are always two long rows on each side of the riverside of various stalls and little stands and you can get here anything from a freshly brewed coffee, macarons, homemade cakes, to freshpasta, flowers, herbs or prepared meals that will come in handy in case you get hungry – and I bet you will. Preferably be the early bird, as the markets are becoming more and more popular and around 11 o’clock they are unfortunately more than crowded. However, if you are the early bird, you will catch the worm, believe me. And come with an empty stomach!

Proti Proudu BreakfastProti Proudu Interior

The last tip, which is not exactly in the classic touristic area. However, sometimes it is more exciting to step out of the touristic comfort zone and visit other neighbourhoods than just the centre of Prague. It is a brand new bistro called “Proti Proudu” (“Against the flow”) which is located in Karlín, Březinova street, number 22. This place goes by a motto “Breakfast all day long”, meaning from 9 am to 9 pm, which sounds more than pleasant. They have won over our heart with the simple scandinavian-ish, yet amazing interior, lovely staff and mainly…the food! Try their, already kind of iconic, pea pesto, eggs, different kinds of cakes or sandwiches. So far they’re not open at the weekends and don’t take credit cards, but both should change by the beginning of May.



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