3 Ideal Brunch Places

In today’s article you’ll learn about cafes, that you must visit if you ever go to Prague. Caffe business is on fire in recent year, you can encounter a cafe almost on every corner of the street. But to choose the right one, where you will please your taste cells and won’t make your wallet cry, is pretty tough job. So which is the right one?! Welcome to first edition of your guide to the best cafes in Prague.


Cafe Neustadt

You can find Neustadt Cafe close to the center of the city, at Charles’ Square. This lovely cafe is situated really close to our apartements at Vladislavova street and especially from the new apartements at Řeznická street, and is certainly worth the visit. In addition to classical lazy afternoons with coffe and cake, you’ll get to see things like lectures or exhibitions pretty often here. Baristas will prepare you a delicious coffee, and there is always something tasty to eat, both sweet or salty.

Neustadt bar Neustadt jidlo


Marthys Kitchen

Marthys is a cute small cafe near Náměstí Míru, which itself is certainly worth visiting and taking few photos. In Marthys, they don’t only offer various sweet and salty options for breakfast, but also appealing lunch menus. From our own experience, we can say that it takes a lot of time only to choose something, since everything looks so good. Obviously, you need a desserts with a coffe right?! In Marthys, dessert smile at you as soon as you enter. We guarantee you that you’ll be amazed by the atmosphere of Marthys, you are not going to want to leave, that’s for sure. We highly recomend to do the reservation, since it is kinda small and crowded all the time.

Marthys uvnitr Marthys vnitrek 2 Marthys vafle Marthys anglicka snidane


The Farm

We saved the best for the last! Farma at Letná is quite far from city center, but is certainly worth taking a while and hop on a subway. Simply delightful and little bit “hipster” interior in combination with kind and talkative servers and baristas will make your day for sure! In addition to that, when you’ll look at the food menu, you’ll get hungry right away! High quality ingredients and foods made with love will provide you truly unforgettable experience. Our secret hint: French toasts with fruit! Farma goes “Brunch all day” style, so you can enjoy delicious breakfast whenever you want. When you’re all full and ready to go, make sure you go and visit Letenský park, which is basically right around the corner. Once you are there, you’ll find one of the most beautiful views in Prague. But we will talk about that next time…

The Farm uvnitr The farm snidane The Farm sendvic The Farm francouzsky toust

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