Prague Apartments News – February 2013

Hello travelers. Bohemia Apartments team is coming with the February news from Prague and apartment rental services in Prague. In this article you can read following news:

  • Danish students caused vandalism in Prague
  • New tutorial – Before Your Arrival
  • Prague winter days
  • Preparing for Easter

Bohemia Apartments

Danish students caused vandalism in Prague

During the February this year, several thousands of Danish teenaged students visited Prague during their winter holidays. Unfortunatelly there was a lot of vanadalism,  even there was two cases of a knife stabbing. The damage caused in Prague apartments and hotels is in tens of thousands euros. Read more in the article Thousands Of Danish Youngsters Get Drunk And Destroy Apartments In Prague.

New tutorial – Before Your Arrival

For your convenience, we prepared a new article with the comprehensive info about  What You Should Do And Not Forget Before Your Arrival To Prague Apartment. This article builds on previous articles How To Look For Available Apartment In Prague and How To Book Prague Apartment – Step By Step.

Prague winter days

The winter is ruling these days in Prague. Check the video to see the snow in the streets of the Old Town, the winter in Prague is really magic and you shouldn’t miss the oportunity to come here to stay at least for a weekend.


Preparing for Easter

There is missing just a month to Easter and we are receiving many booking request for this term. Think in advance and make a reservation of your apartment in Prague on time since Easter is a peak term, the same as Christmas and New Years Eve. Here you can see the offer of our Prague apartments.

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