Prague Apartments News – December 2012

Hello travelers,

check our December news from Prague apartments. The year is approaching to its end we at Bohemia Apartments have some great informations for you. In this article you can read about following news:

1. Virtual tours are online

2. Photo contest 2012

3. Christmas and New Years

4. Stay 3 Pay 2 – prolongation

1. Virtual tours online

Prague apartment virtual tours

As we have announced in our previous article, the 3D virtual tours of our Prague apartments are now online and you can browse them right from your PC screen. Each apartment room has 360 panoramatic view so there is nothing to hide and you can be sure that what you book you get :-)

2. Photo contest 2012 – news

Our 2012 Photo Contest has been living already almost one month, we have 26 contesting pictures in the Photo Contest Gallery and still receiving some new. The pictures are receiving votes from all the world and there are already winning adepts for the prize of free stay in our apartments in Prague. We are checking all the votes and adjusting their number since we have found out there is duplicit votes in several cases. Bear in mind we can disqualify any contesting picture when we will see there is too much votes from one IP address. Please read properly the Contest Rules.

3. Christmas and New Years

Our apartments are fully booked and we hope our guests have a great time in Prague. Before the Cristmas we have fitted our Prague apartment Luxury Attic Exclusive with the new beds so there is 4 new single beds, possible to use it as a double bed when needed.

The guests staying in our Prague apartments during the Christmas have received special presents – milk chocolate memories, see the picture below :-)

Christmas gift from Bohemia Apartments Prague

4. Stay 3 Pay 2 – prolongation

Good news – we have decided to prolong our special offer “STAY 3 PAY 2” also for january 2013 so stay tuned and check our facebook and Prague apartments blog for more details.


Happy New Year :-)



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