10 Reasons Why Prague Is Just Amazing

Prague is simply an amazing city. But for those of you who aren’t yet entirely convinced, we’ve prepared 10 arguments that are bound to convince you.

#1 Prague is pretty. It is one of the most beautiful European cities and its panorama with the Prague Castle in the background is positively breathtaking.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

#2 Prague is historic. It is one of the oldest European cities, with its history reaching far back into the past. It’s the subject of a large number of legends and full of historical architectonic gems.

#3 Prague is mysterious. Legends, folklore, ancient stories… all this is waiting for you practically around every corner.

View from Vyšehrad

#4 Prague is romantic. A view of the illuminated Charles Bridge in the evening will entrance every woman, as will strolls through the narrow paved streets.

Prague, Charles Bridge

View from Střelecký ostrov

#5 Prague is famous. Did you know that Mozart said that only the people of Prague truly understood him? Prague has been home to many world renowned personages: Kepler, Tycho de Brahe, Ferdinand d’Este, Kafka…

#6 Prague is adventurous. Those who are in favour of adrenalin sports, exotic animals, and other unusual hobbies will find many opportunities here.

Novotného Lavka

#7 Prague is a gourmet experience. Everywhere you look there’s a first class restaurant. If you are yet to discover the charm of dumplings with roast pork and sauerkraut or sirloin in a creamy vegetable sauce with six dumplings, now’s the time to do so! Not to mention that golden national treasure of ours – the beer…

#8 Prague is a city of culture. You’ll find an incredibly high concentration of theatres, cinemas and various kinds of social events. You don’t have to worry about there not being anything to do over the summer months.

#9 Prague is typical. No other city in the world is like Prague, with its typical view of Lesser Town and Prague Castle, with its typical embankments, with its typical Old Town Astronomical Clock and renaissance architecture.

Astronomical Clock

#10 Prague is irresistible. Prepare yourself for the fact that once you’ve visited Prague, you’ll want to return again. Because there’s just no resisting Prague. Prague is graceful, capricious, and will forever and ever hold your heart.

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