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Towel Day Photo Contest

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 Join the photo contest and win a free stay in luxurious apartments in Prague!

Towel Day!

Make the picture which  must contain a person with a visible towel and the sign, logo or a theme of Bohemia Apartments anywhere in the picture. Read complete Contest Rules and our article Don’t Panic And Carry A Towel!

Don’t forget! Originality, and picture atmosphere is as much important as your photographing skills.  The winner is the one who gets the most votes!

Get An Idea
Get an idea
Read our creative brief and get inspired!
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Take a photo
The technique of photographing is free. You can use Instagram, phones or your grandma’s old camera.
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Send it to us
Don’t forget to mention your name and where the photo was taken.
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Share the link on your social profiles and ask your friends to vote for your picture!

Start: May 1, 2014     

End: May 31, 2014     

Prize: Free Prague Apartment stay for 4 persons

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