Seeing Prague By Segway

One of the best ways to see the sights of Prague is on foot. The centre is quite compact, distances between attractions are short, and a walk through the Castle, Old Town or Lesser Quarter helps you to get to know these districts properly and discover their secrets.

At Bohemia Apartments Prague, we definitely recommend sightseeing on foot. However, sometimes it’s important to get from A to B more quickly and avoid too much legwork. One solution is the metro, which is certainly faster; but there’s just one little snag: you don’t see very much from underground tunnels. You see a lot more from trams, but if they’re overcrowded you don’t, and they don’t go everywhere in the centre, especially not the twisting lanes of the Old Town or the Lesser Quarter.  But don’t worry. Help is at hand! There’s another solution that saves on shoe leather and avoids blisters but lets you see the city centre close up. How about using a Segway to get round the historic core?

At some point you’ve probably seen people whizzing round on those nippy scooters that you operate simply by standing on them. The Segway is an electric two-wheeled vehicle designed to operate on pavements and pathways. Invented by Dean Kamen, it was launched in 2001. Operating the vehicle is easier than it looks, and the Segway is balanced by its built-in sensor system and the direction the rider leans.

Segways are ideal for Prague

The Segway is perfect for getting around Prague city centre because large parts of it are pedestrianised and, in the Old Town, flat. What’s more, the vehicle doesn’t take up much space and so allows you to move around easily and in and out of tight spaces. You have the opportunity to see many of Prague’s numerous attractions close up, and you can move quickly between places when you need to, thus saving you time. An added advantage is that the scooter is environmentally friendly. It’s no surprise therefore that sightseeing by Segway is becoming increasing popular among visitors to Prague.

A number of Segway hire companies have been set up over the last few years, offering a variety of ways to tour the city centre. You can see the historic city with a private guide and choose where you want to go. Or, you can go on a group tour with a guide. Themed group tours are on offer, such as Prague viewpoints, and you can explore Prague by Segway during the day or at night. Prices vary depending on a range of factors such as length of tour, type of tour and time of day, and Segway companies recommend booking online. Bear in mind that there are certain restrictions on who can ride on Segways, and hire companies ensure that you are comfortable with using the vehicle before you set off.

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