New Apartment In Řeznická Street

In today’s article we’d love to show you our new lovely apartment, which was recently added to our offer. We’re talking about roomy apartment in Reznicka street, right in the very center of Prague.


Beside great location, this apartment takes pride in its size, there is a room for 12 guests at once. You can feel free to grab your whole family or a bunch of friends and have a true hell of a ride through Prague! If you’re thinking of New Year’s Eve, we regret to inform you that for this date, apartment has already been booked. So don’t hesitate and book it today for your time in Prague! And to meet your demand and to constantly improve the level of our apartments, we’re getting ready to release the final form of our design, and the only think we’re going to say is that it’s going to be awesome! But you will see that for yourself, hopefully during your stay in the apartment, or at least here at the blog.

Are you looking forward to it as much as we do?

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