How To Order A Taxi In Prague Without Hassle?

From time to time we are informed by guests staying in our Prague apartments or even after their departure that they were ripped by a taxi driver. Since we pay attention to this fact and want our guests to have a pleasant stay as much as possible we always reccommend them before their arrival even our transfer service or some tips on reliable companies. Please read this useful article about how to order a taxi in Prague and avoid a hassle. We at Bohemia Apartments Prague really reccommend it.

Taxi drivers in Prague have a reputation for overcharging tourists, who tell stories of drivers charging several thousand crowns for a journey from the airport to the city centre.

Recently, the authorities have been tackling dishonest behaviour. And while some taxi drivers will still try to cheat tourists, it’s now much easier both to order a taxi and pay a fair price for your journey.

Of course, Bohemia Apartments can take care of taxi services for you, but if you want to arrange a taxi yourself, you should bear in mind the following basic rules:

  • If possible, always order a taxi by telephone, in advance, using either of the companies listed below.
  • Avoid taxis parked at a taxi ranks and tourist sites, where drivers are likely to overcharge.
  • If you have to hail a taxi in the street, check that the vehicle is registered. You should therefore look for a yellow lamp on the roof with “TAXI” printed on it on both sides. The vehicle should bear the company name, rates, and registration number.
  • If you hail a taxi in the street, before you set off, try to ask how much the journey will cost and if possible pay in advance. If you’re ordering by telephone, you can ask the taxi company (in some cases, the taxi company website has price information).
  • Once you’re in the car, check that the meter matches the price list in the car. If it doesn’t, point this out to the driver. Or, ask him/her to stop the taxi, and then you can get out.
  • If you suspect that you are being ripped off, make a note of the taxi registration number.
  • You are entitled to ask for a printed receipt from the driver. If s/he refuses, you have the right to refuse to pay.

Fares are set by law and bear in mind that they may change. At the moment (December 2011) the maximum rates are:

Boarding charge: CZK 40,-

Charge per kilometre: CZK 28,-

Waiting charge (per minute): CZK 6,-

To avoid any of the above problems, you should arrange a taxi through a reputable firm, of which there are several in Prague. Although they are more expensive, they are more tourist-friendly. City Taxi: tel. 257 257 257, AAA Radiotaxi (known as AAA): tel. 140 14,

AAA vehicles wait outside Prague Airport arrival halls, and you can pick up a taxi there, usually within a few minutes. Usually hailing a waiting taxi is not advisable, but as AAA is reliable, you can do so without worrying about being cheated.

If you are intersted in a transfer from airport, Bohemia Apartments Prague offer a door-to-door Prague International Airport taxi service. It is 600 CZK / OneWay for up to 4 persons. If more people we can arrange a minivan for 5 to 8 people (price is 750 Czk/one way). If interested, please let us know your flight details (arrival time, number of flight, name of airlines) and the driver will be waiting for you in arrival hall with a sign with your name. Enjoy Prague, enjoy our services and enjoy your Prague apartment!

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