How To Get From Airport To Your Prague Apartment?

There are several ways of reaching your Prague apartment from Prague Airport, which is just over 10km northwest of the city centre. An efficient signposting system helps you to find your way around the airport.

Prague Airport has two terminals: terminal 1 serves all non-Schengen destinations;  terminal 2 Schengen Zone destinations. Both are linked and are a 5-minute walk from each other.

Prague apartment provider

We recommend using the taxi company your Prague apartment provider works with. The taxi can wait for you whenever you arrive, even if you are late or the flight is cancelled, and will take you directly to your apartment in Prague. The taxi company will keep in touch with your apartment provider so that he can confirm directly with the driver that everything is in order. He can also check that you are already on the way to your accommodation. Depending on the season, free transport to the airport may be possible.


Taxi ranks are located in front of both terminals. The two taxi companies authorised to operate on the airport premises are (AAA Radiotaxi and Radiocab Taxi. With the former you can simply hop on, without having to book. Other taxi companies wait at the airport, but they have arrangements with hotels and accommodation companies to pick up guests as they arrive. Booking a taxi with these companies is therefore not possible.

Public transport

The Prague Transport Company (Dopravní podník hl.m. Prahy) operates five daytime bus services and one night bus service. The bus stops at the airport are indicated by a red sign with a bus logo, and buses call at both terminals.

Bear in mind that the journey may take longer, depending on the volume of traffic.

Daytime services run from around 4am – midnight; the AE service starts later and finishes earlier. Night buses operate from around midnight – 4am. Bus no. 119 runs every 5-20 minutes and is the most frequent service.

Daytime services

  • No.119: Prague Airport-Dejvická metro terminus (line  A) – approx. 24 min., daily
  • No.100: Prague Airport-Zličín metro terminus (line B) – approx. 18 min., daily
  • No.179: Prague Airport-Nové Butovice metro station (line B) – approx. 45 min., daily
  • No.225: Prague Airport-Nové Butovice metro station (line B) – approx. 53 min., daily
  • AE (Airport Express): Prague Airport-Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station)/Hlavní Nádraží hlavní metro station (line C) – journey time approx. 41 min., daily

Night service

No 510: Prague Airport-I.P. Pavlova metro station (line C)-Na Beránku – approx. 42 minutes (to I.P. Pavlova), operates Mon-Fri.


Tickets can be bought from the Prague Transport Company information kiosks in the arrival halls of terminals 1 or 2 (7am-10pm). They are also available from the yellow machines at the bus stops. Instructions are in English, and the machines only accept coins. In addition, tickets can be obtained  from the bus driver (notes or coins only).

A standard single ticket costs CZK 26 (approximately EUR 1) for adults and CZK 13 for children. It can be used on all means of public transport in Prague and is valid for 75 minutes. Tickets purchased from a bus driver cost CZK 30/17 (75 minutes). Short-term (tourist) passes are also valid.

A special tariff applies to AE buses. Standard tickets and passes cannot be used on them; tickets cost CZK 50/25 from Praha hlavní nádraží (CZK 30/15 from Dejvická metro station) and are available from the driver only.

Bear in mind that large luggage may require a separate ticket. For details and other public transport information see

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