Discover Prague Through The Eyes Of The Homeless Guides

Prague is a city full of historical monuments, so it’s no wonder that you’ll run into a group of tourists with a city guide on every corner. But sometimes you can also come across a city guide who at first sight looks nothing at all like a renowned guide. He’ll be hairy, bearded and perhaps even grimy. In that case you will have come across a homeless person, making extra money as a tour guide.

This unique project was started by students of Charles University. They contacted several homeless people who knew Prague like the back of their hand. They wanted to provide them with financial support and at the same time in an interesting way bring some life into the often dull city tours with professionales guides.


The project was immediately a huge success. Hundreds of people suddenly wanted to get to know Prague through the eyes of the homeless. And not just foreigners. The tours are often visited by locals who know the capital of the Czech Republic only from their own perspective. This way they can see places where an “ordinary mortal” wouldn’t normally go. Additionally, this unique city tour allows them to see Prague even in the middle of the night. That’s where the real adrenalin kicks in.

The standard length of the tour is between two and two and a half hours. A stop at thematically relevant refreshment venue can also be part of it. You yourself can choose your own city guide and time of the tour on their official website

Would you try getting to know Prague in such an untraditional way?

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