6 Prague Restaurants To Impress Your Lady

Prague is a city which thrives on romance. That’s why here you can enjoy St Valentine’s Day with your loved one the way you should. We recommend you start with a walk around Prague’s historical spots and then warm up in a restaurant with a candlelit dinner. But where to find the best venue for this special evening? We’ll advise you!

Kampa Park

This luxurious restaurant is a favourite among Czech celebrities, thanks to its gourmet cuisine which includes beautifully served fish and meat delicatessens along with more than 150 types of wine. You can choose between a stylish dining room and an intimate terrace right above the river Vltava, from where you have a beautiful view of Charles Bridge.

Kampa Park


TRITON Restaurant

An unforgettable experience as far as both the interiors and the food are concerned. The original Art Noveau decorations come from the year 1912. However, what will really enthrall you is the ceiling resembling a stalactite cave, which gives the entire place an incredibly unique atmosphere. In TRITON you will find the Czech as well as international dishes.

U Sedmi Švábů

Are you crazy for history? Do you like trying untraditional things? If so, this place is just right for you. It’s as if time stopped in the tavern U Sedmi Švábů. Be delighted by the medieval atmosphere and try out some of the specialities which you won’t find anywhere else. Sometimes you will get to see swordsmen, jugglers and fire-eaters, with added authenticity thanks to the medieval music.

U Sedmi Švábů

Leone & Anna

Czech and Italian specialities overlooked by the Prague Castle, embraced by the Lesser Town. The restaurant boasts gentle piano music, photographs on the walls and elegant decorations. Nothing can compete with their risotto. If you try one of their delicious wines, you may get the urge to go dancing in the club next door.


Café Imperial

The kitchen of the Imperial is run by probably the most famous Czech chef, Zdeněk Pohlreich. Café Imperial boasts luxurious interiors in the style of the First Republic from the beginning of the 20th Century. On the menu you will find predominantly Czech seasonal specialities.

Café Imperial


Firstly, you won’t be able to get enough of the intimate and intricate space dominated by a view of the Vltava river from the terrace. Then, your taste buds will be delighted by the international specialities on the menu, Sushi being among the best of them.




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