Above Night Prague

Above Night Prague

If you have ever been to Prague, you have definetely visited Charles Bridge – that is a must! Have you ever seen it from above though? And I do not mean from above as in from far away but have you ever been directly above it? If not, here we have a little tip for […]

Prague Cafés


 Even though spring is already knocking on the door and the sun has recently started coming out a little bit more, the days are still quite chilly here in Prague. Today we’d like to show you a few tips on interesting places that you might not have heard of, where you can grab a coffee […]

A Guide To St. Valentine’s In Prague


Valentine’s day is knocking on the door and you might be already trying to figure out, how you’re going to spend it. There are some classic things which suggest themselves – datenight including cinema and a dinner or maybe only the dinner with your significiant other. However, what if you happen to be in Prague, […]

St. Valentine’s In Our Apartments?


It’s coming up again, in less than two weeks time. Red baloons, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and lovey-dovey cards – yes, St. Valentine’s day is coming. Maybe you’re wondering, what should be that special something, that you could get for your significiant other this year. And even though you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of […]

Look At Prague From Old Town Bridge Tower

City Of Hundred Spiers

You can find old towers among Prague’s greatest tourist attractions, a number of them are located right in the city centre so you can get a great view of Prague. We have decided to take you to Old Town Bridge Tower, at least in photographs, and get you really excited to see the Tower with your […]

Meet Quadrio


We have for you just a quick information and a great deal of photos of the new Prague bussiness and shopping centre Quadrio. And why we write about a shopping centre, when there are many others in Prague? Well, firstly, the Quadrio is located right next to our Vladislav City Centre Apartments and the whole […]

Hipster’s Guide To Prague

Hipster Quote

No matter what anyone says, hipsters make the world go ‘round and although most people have an ironic understanding of the label, the hipster subculture brings us a lot of great things. Homemade lemonades and cakes in cafés, the renovation of old and beautiful things, really awesome music and even those chequered shirts are looking […]

Are You A Booklover? Come To Strahov Monastery’s Library

Theological Hall

We thought it would be nice to take you to a beautiful and at the same time culturally significant place from time to time. And we hope that we’ll motivate you so that you’ll want to come and see it with your own eyes! :) Google+

Bohemia Apartments Support The Month Of Moustaches

Finger With Moustache

What is this Movember anyway? From the beginning of November, every man and youth starts growing a moustache on his freshly shaven face and continues to grow it for 30 days. Fake moustaches are not accepted – gentlemen simply should not cheat. And what am I going to achieve by growing a moustache? By doing […]

Autumn Photodiary: Park Stromovka

A Lantern

November begins and our Autumn Photodiary ends. This is the last post with photos which show the beauty of Prague autumn this year. This time we went for a walk to park Stromovka. It is in Prague district Holešovice and it’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful Prague parks. If you want to enjoy […]