Autumn Photodiary: Florentinum


For our new photos to Autumn Photodiary we went to new bussiness centre Florentinum. If you want to explore this beautiful place, you have to go to the metro station Náměstí Republiky (Republica's Square). It's in the area … [Read more...]

How To Recognize A True Praguer?

Prague Street

Czechs look upon the inhabitants of our capital city with disrespect and often with mockery, too. But the truth is that most of them long to live in this city, that is the very heart of the Czech Republic. Prague has its … [Read more...]

Autumn Photodiary: Wallenstein Garden

The View On The Prague Castle

Last time we went to Kampa and now we are going to show you Wallenstein Garden; it's a beautiful complex of charming nature with manicured bushes and sparkling fountains under Prague Castle. Right in the middle of Wallenstein … [Read more...]

Discover The Beauty Of Prague Old Town At Night


Prague is beautiful during a daytime, as we all know, but what about Prague at night? Have you ever taken a walk through the streets of Prague after nightfall? Believe us, they suddenly have a completely different … [Read more...]

Autumn Photodiary: From Kampa To Charles Bridge

Sculptures at Kampa

We have prepared for you a few pictures from our walk around one of Prague islands - Kampa. From Bridge of Legies right next to National Theatre you can go downstairs directly to the island. Kampa is known for its beautiful … [Read more...]

Introducing Prague Main Train Station

Prague Main Train Station

You can get to Prague in many different ways: by bus, car, airplane, train… and it’s trains that we will be talking about today. More specifically, we’ll be talking about one train station. Its name is Hlavní … [Read more...]