New Apartment In Řeznická Street

In today’s article we’d love to show you our new lovely apartment, which was recently added to our offer. We’re talking about roomy apartment in Reznicka street, right in the very center of Prague. Beside great location, this apartment takes pride in its size, there is a room for 12 guests at once.

Famous Movies Shot In Prague


There is a variety of movies that were filmed in Prague. There are movies which are shot in Prague and the story actually takes place in Prague but there is also a number of movies which were shot in Prague and you might not even realize it because they claim to be taking place somewhere else.

Letná Park

Since current autumn weather absolutely screams for walks and trips, we’ll look at one of the most beautiful places we got in Prague in today’s article.

3 One Day Trips From Prague


There are so many interesting places to explore in Prague but sometimes it could be nice to travel a bit further. What about short one day trips?

3 Ideal Brunch Places

Neustadt food

In today’s article you’ll learn about cafes, that you must visit if you ever go to Prague. Caffe business is on fire in recent year, you can encounter a cafe almost on every corner of the street.

Vladislav Apartments And Their Surroundings – An Ultimate Guide To Prague’s City Centre

na prikope

You find yourself right in Prague’s city centre in a new luxury apartment. You have all of the Prague’s famous sights and places of interests just around the corner. Which spots worth visiting are there in walking distance of your apartment? Let us help you with that, there is a plenty to discover.

Fish & Chips In Dlouha Street


The Prague’s first fish & chips was established in 2013. This British island of gastronomy in Dlouha Street has great English atmosphere – white ceramic tiles on the walls, fake red telephone box door and pictures of Beatles and Mr. Bean. The offer of specialities is quite wide.

Farmers Markets

jirak dortiky

Have you already seen  enough  restaurants and  would you like to put your luxurious kitchen in  your apartment to use and cook something tasty? Would you like to try some typical czech food? Do you want to experience the atmosphere of a place where everyone loves high quality ingredients and food?

David Cerny Prague Tour

zizkov tv tower

David Černý, Czech controversial sculptor, prefers to place his work within the public spaces of his hometown Prague or other cities to put it in boring galleries and museums. This is the only way how to invite locals and visitors to discover it and create a space for reaction and discussion.

Prague Shopping Guide


Bohemia Apartments decided to prepare a small shopping guide around Prague because there are more and more tourist nowadays which would like to spend some time shopping while travelling.