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Bohemia Apartments Prague has a special tip for you today. Wanna make your transportation around Prague more pleasant? Uber is an atypical taxi service and it’s a very easy and modern way of city transportation in cities all over the world including Prague.

Vegetarian Restaurant Etnosvět

etnosvet uvodni

Here we are with a new foodie tip! Especially you, who are vegetarian, keep reading, this restaurant was made for you. Anyway, we promise that every eater can enjoy meal here (but no meat obviously!). Restaurant we are talking about now is called Etnosvět.

9 Reasons Why To Rent A Vacation Apartment Rather Than A Hotel

Charles Bridge Apartment

These are the 9 ultimate reasons to go for a vacation rental next time you travel to different city. However, there are much more advantages.

Bistro Proti Proudu

bistro tousty

In today’s article we would like to invite you to the Bistro Proti Proudu, which you’ll find at Karlín, and we guarantee that once you step inside that restaurant, you’ll never want to leave.

Seeking For A Christmas Dinner In Prague

Christmas in Prague

You made a great choice with staying in Prague for Christmas. You will probably wan’t to go out for a Christmas Eve dinner to try out some typical Czech Christmas food, right?

The Best Christmas Markets in Prague

Pražský hrad

Where can you get more Christmassy feeling than on a Christmas market?  We bring you a list of the best Christmas markets in Prague you can visit. We still have some beautiful apartments in Prague available for December and Christmas time so do not hesitate and come here to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!

New Apartment In Řeznická Street

In today’s article we’d love to show you our new lovely apartment, which was recently added to our offer. We’re talking about roomy apartment in Reznicka street, right in the very center of Prague. Beside great location, this apartment takes pride in its size, there is a room for 12 guests at once.

Famous Movies Shot In Prague


There is a variety of movies that were filmed in Prague. There are movies which are shot in Prague and the story actually takes place in Prague but there is also a number of movies which were shot in Prague and you might not even realize it because they claim to be taking place somewhere else.

Letná Park

Since current autumn weather absolutely screams for walks and trips, we’ll look at one of the most beautiful places we got in Prague in today’s article.

3 One Day Trips From Prague

There are so many interesting places to explore in Prague but sometimes it could be nice to travel a bit further. What about short one day trips?