Come To Prague To See Tim Burton’s Art!

Tim Burton

Friday the 28th March saw the launch of an exhibition of world-famous film director Tim Burton. There is surely no need for Bohemia Apartments to introduce him in a lot of details. You're bound to remember his most famous … [Read more...]

Interview With The Winner Of Our Photo Contest


Do you remember our Bohemia Apartments Photo Contest? The task was simple and the reward was very tempting. All that you needed to do was to send a photograph fitting our chosen theme: MEANWHILE IN... We were interested in … [Read more...]

What You Didn’t Know About Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square

A long boulevard bordered by luxury shops, offices, restaurants and hotels, with the famous statue of St Wenceslas at the end - that is Wenceslas Square, or "Václavák" as it's called by the locals, the centre of Prague's … [Read more...]

7 Questions For Our Apartment Designer

Klara Sumova

Today we at Bohemia Apartments have for you a very special interview with our designer Klára Šumová. She's got a large share about how our Prague apartments look. Klára Šumová is one of the leading Czech designers. She … [Read more...]

6 Prague Restaurants To Impress Your Lady

Kampa Park

Prague is a city which thrives on romance. That's why here you can enjoy St Valentine's Day with your loved one the way you should. We recommend you start with a walk around Prague's historical spots and then warm up in a … [Read more...]

How Prague Gots Its Name

Prague Bridges

As you know, Bohemia Apartments offers accommodation in Prague. It's not only the capital, but also the largest city in the Czech Republic. It is the 15th biggest city in the European Union. It is said that Prague lies in the … [Read more...]